COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test Kits​

We a research and development company and have closely studied the different Rapid Antigen test kits available in the market. Due to the emerging pandemic in Australia we have decided to supply the kits we have studied. We are able to supply both home testing Rapid kits and point of care rapid antigen kits for your organisation​​

Rapid Antigen Tests can identify COVID-19 antigen present in a nasal swab sample or with your saliva samples with a result in 15 minutes or less.​​

Point of care testing kits are  Rapid screening test kits that are performed under the supervision of a medical practitioner and are NOT at HOME kits. 

AM Diagnostics​

  • Home/Work Rapid Antigen Test​
  • Easy oral fluids specimen collection​
  • Simple operation​
  • Clear and simple to read results​
  • Results in 15 minutes ​
  • Easy visual interpretation​
  • TGA approved ARTG Registration No.376310​

AM Diagnostics

  • Home/Work Rapid Antigen Test​
  • Easy Nasal Swab collection​
  • No supervision needed​
  • Simple to Administer​
  • Clear and simple to read results​
  • Results in 15 min​
  • TGA approved ARTG Registration No.376310​

Abbott's Panbio™

  • Fast, easy and reliable test ​
  • Simple, comfortable nasal swab procedure​
  • Detects active COVID-19 infections with or without symptoms​
  • Results in just 15 minutes
  • Special “break off” swab remains contained in tube
  • ​ Minimum exposure to others
  • Can be used in all ages
  • Children under 14 years old should be supported by an adult
  • TGA approved ARTG Registration No.345192​


  • Easy to use with results in 10 minutes​
  • Lollipop saliva test​
  • Reliable & accurate​
  • Highly sensitive​
  • V-Chek has the highest rating for a saliva rapid antigen test available in Australia​
  • Registered for self use​
  • Suitable for ages 2 & above
  • TGA Approved - ARTG Registration No. 374065​